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by String Furniture

Organizer - Shelving System - String Furniture

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Design: Nisse Strinning

The String Furniture shelving system is as individual as you are. With a wide selection of coordinated elements, the modular system fits into any living space. Be it simple and conceptual or warm and inviting. String shelves have the right solution.

The accessories are available in many variants and can be combined as desired. You can design your shelf in one color or combine several colors to personalize your solution.

With the accessories for the String Furniture control system, you can create a structured order so that everything has its place.
The organizers have a suspension that fits every grid ladder of the String control system. These little helpers bring order to the creative chaos, in the kitchen or on the planting table. This makes them the perfect addition to your shelving system.

One packaging unit contains three organizers in different sizes.

Dimensions: width, depth and height each 9x7x12cm, 20x8x8cm, 12x8x12cm
Material: bio-composite plastic with 40% wood fiber

Price incl. 19% VAT Free shipping. Delivery time approx. 5 weeks from the day of the order.

This item is part of our custom concept for bespoke items. Due to the individual configuration by the customer, the article is specially made accordingly. Please note that this item cannot be exchanged or returned.

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