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by Magisso

Karaffe Cooling Ceramics - Magisso

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ISBN: 6430036080334
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Design: Simon Stevens for Magisso

Magisso makes design that is different and should put a smile on your face. However, the new 'Cooling Ceramics' series turns the smile into an open mouth. The self-cooling ceramic is amazing when in use.

When held under the tap for a minute, the jars cool the contents at refrigerator level for up to 6 hours. Perfect for outdoors and in summer.

Due to the glazing on the bottom, there are no water rings or stains. Without electricity and ice.

A real innovation made in Finland. Because the Finns are familiar with the cold.

Carafe 1L: H: 30.5 cm, ø 10 cm
Pot 0.4L: H: 15 cm, ø 8 cm
Wine cooler: H: 20.9 cm, ø 12.7 cm

Awarded the following prizes: Fenniaprize'14 Honorary Mention, Good Design Award, Global Innovation Award (GIA), RedDot

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