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by Tecta

Tecta Cat - colored cat from Tecta

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Design: Dominik Kirgus

Cats have always played a special role at Tecta. Karlchen the cat is “the real boss of Tecta”, according to Axel Bruchhäuser.

Now a limited version of the Tecta cat has been created in four different colors.

The fifth generation of Karlchen is now at home at Tecta and finally a worthy symbol was dedicated to the tomcat: Karlchen made of wood, painted black and with yellow eyes. A design by Dominik Kirgus from the design studio in Cologne. The tomcat was initially only intended as a graphic for a Tecta exhibition in Japan, but the Japanese developed such a great enthusiasm for history and animals that Karlchen now comes along as a sculpture on quiet paws. The special feature: Dominik Kirgus traced the shape back to the Bauhaus, used reduced circles and lines that give Karlchen his linear appearance. With his round hump he proves that he, like all tomcats, has a mind of his own. In addition, the sparkling, yellow eyes - a character as if she had just stepped out of Grimm's fairy tales.

Size: 22x30x6cm
Material: lacquered wood
Colour: pink, yellow, green or blue

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