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by MBooks

Bauhaus coordinates

ISBN: 9783944425108
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Design: Nicola Siebert

In 2019, the Bauhaus institutions are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the pioneering school. In the six years up to the move to Dessau in 1925, the first Bauhaus in Weimar left few but notable traces, even beyond the city limits throughout Thuringia. In addition to the World Heritage Sites of the Bauhaus in Weimar, the unknown Bauhaus is in hidden places in Erfurt, Probstzella, Gera or Greiz. In rural areas, former Bauhäusler and their students devoted themselves to projects that in many cases have been unjustly forgotten. The volume invites you to search for clues, to get to know the unknown, early Bauhaus in its effects and after-effects. For example, it is the work and production facilities in the state that ensured that the Bauhaus idea was embedded in the school environment well beyond the Bauhaus in Weimar. Bauhaus coordinates weaves a network of what is built and designed, of events and people, creating a vivid picture of the Weimar Bauhaus era and its most important places of activity in the region, which want to be rediscovered 100 years after the founding of the Bauhaus. Mark Escherich, Elke Dallmann, Susanne Knorr and Ulrich Wieler With a foreword by Gerd Zimmermann With an inserted folding map of the Bauhaus locations in Weimar and Thuringia.

Publisher: M Books
Style: pocket
Pages: 104
52 b/w illustrations, thread-bound Swiss brochure with flap and inserted folding map
Language: German
Release date: January 2019

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