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Vintage set of 2 teak side tables - Kai Kristiansen

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There is no question that real wood side tables add authentic style to any room. In particular, the teak furniture from the Danish Modern era are real design icons of the facility.

This beautiful set of two coffee tables by Kai Kristiansen can be used in many ways. The special thing about the teak nesting tables is the hidden guide in the underside of the tables. This means that the tables can be pushed into each other if necessary.

Dimensions approx.: H. 44.5 cm, W. 46.5 cm, D. 36.5 cm and H. 46 cm, W. 49 cm, D. 39 cm.
Teak wood: solid frame, table top with teak veneer and solid wood edge

Age-related signs of wear. Very good condition. Hardly any scratches or bumps.

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